At Investment Title, we make buying a home or investing in a residential or commercial property easy. Our title insurance policies are a one-time cost at closing and will protect your investment well into the future. 

Here’s what we do on your behalf:

  • Conduct a thorough title search on the property to uncover any title defects Including:
    • County Search
    • Muncipal Tax Searches
    • Judgment and Patriot Name Searches
    • Tideland
    • Flood.
  • Provide Title Commitment for Insurance
  • Issue an Owner’s Title PolicyLender’s Title Policy, or both

These policies protect you, the homeowner or investor, from common title defects that are often hidden like:

  • Forgery and fraud
  • Liens, judgments, and back taxes
  • Eases and encroachments 
  • Recording and documentation errors
  • Unmarketability of title
  • Third-party claims on a property

A title claim could surface at any time, so why wait until then to get coverage? Contact an agent today to learn more about the title insurance life cycle and discuss which policy is the best fit for you. 

If you want MORE protection against fraud and boundary disputes, check out the lifelong benefits of our Enhanced Title Insurance.

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