A Year Of Growth & Opportunity: Jana’s Feature In The Advocate

We’re excited to share that Investment Title’s Partner and EVP of Title Production, Jana Segarra was just published in the New Jersey Land Title Association’s Fall edition of The Advocate.

The Advocate is a quarterly publication that connects and showcases professionals in the title industry from across New Jersey. Jana wrote about attending two national conferences, ATLA Springboard and ATLA One, and how they gave her actionable insight for the future.

ATLA equips providers in the real property transaction with the skills and know-how they need to stay on the leading edge – especially in these turbulent times. Both events were the perfect balance of educational and entertaining, offering a well-rounded mix of content and interactive sessions to create an unforgettable experience. For Jana, it was an opportunity “pick the brains” of title experts and leverage the expertise of leaders and trailblazers in a variety of fields.

She walked away from ATLA Springboard with valuable tools and strategies that will help Investment Title to grow and persevere, from knowing how to avoid everyday challenges like burnout to larger-scale initiatives like revamping the company’s business plan.

People like Jana aren’t only focused on how to provide the best title services possible, but also how to create a resilient and unified team. After all, building a strong company culture is the key to retaining the best talent the industry has to offer!

That’s why she was so thankful for the opportunity to connect in smaller in more intimate groups, where she was able to bring Investment Title’s unique challenges to the table. She actively participated in one-to-ones and round table discussions, focusing on things like diversity, collaboration, and how to successfully transition employees to an all-remote business model.

Nearly all organizations are adhering to a new normal, and ALTA is no exception. Jana’s second conference, ATLA One, was held completely virtually in light of the pandemic. And while you might think that there’s no substitute for in-person events, her takeaways might change your perspective.

Where the conference lacked in warm hugs and handshakes, it made up for in access and engagement. Members could join from all over the world and come “face-to-face” with people they might not otherwise cross paths with. Involvement was high across the board, and each interaction was inspiring and authentic.

Is there really any better way to become a pro in the digital arena than by immersing yourself in it? Jana’s presence alone empowered her to become a stronger communicator, innovator, and team player.

Most of us aren’t new to this arena, but nearly all of us are having to make adjustments in our day-to-day life. These conversions offered incredible insight on how to pivot when things change quickly, which is crucial to having an agile workforce that can meet the needs of our clients and aspiring homeowners.

Jana not only came out of these events feeling happier and healthier, but more excited than ever about what’s to come! She’s in the best position possible to get the most out of the talent and technology at her disposal and, as a result, help our clients thrive. The education and guidance she received will set the tone for 2021 and lead Investment Title into the future.

Read her full article inThe Advocate by clicking here.