Understanding The Benefits Of Enhanced Title Insurance Coverage

Right now, there’s a lot of buzz around cybercrime, particularly as it relates to the title industry and U.S.-based home owners. Is your title a fake? Is the equity in your home real? While these are legitimate questions, some of the companies popping up to capitalize on cybercrime trends are providing not-so-clear solutions.

Homeowners around the country are opting into a monthly fee to be alerted when there is fraud taking place on their property. However, these monthly fees offer little-to-no protection when it comes to a title-related cybercrime being committed. Think about it: what good is it to know when forgery or fraud has occurred when there is no process in place to reverse it?

Investment Title gives homeowners another way in the form of an Enhanced Owner’s Policy. Our product is a one-time fee equating to 20% of the standard premium, which means no long-term commitments or fees. Even better, your coverage grows with your investment.

With our Enhanced Owner’s Policy, homeowners enjoy all the benefits of our standard premium with increased coverage and benefits, including:

  • Increased inflation protection
  • Increased forgery and fraud protection
  • Enhanced coverage against title defects and information gaps

On top of increased coverage in existing policy areas, you’ll gain more protection in the following scenarios:  

  • Boundaries lines and structural encroachments
  • Easement encroachments (deeded driveways, walking paths, etc.)
  • Zoning, subdivision & building permit violations
  • A reversion of title
  • Legal fees (i.e. forged deeds or illegitimate liens)
  • Policy transfer (transfer of policy to inheriting heirs)

You can see a detailed, side-by-side comparison of our products by clicking here.

Not all title-related crimes are simple as a cybercriminal stealing or forging information overnight. You can fall victim to a number of seemingly innocent parties, including former homeowners, illegitimate heirs, and even your neighbors. Preparing for all the “what-if” scenarios in relation to your property will give you peace of mind and allow you to be more financially sound in the future.

The truth is, no homeowner should take a gamble with their home, and having a reputable title insurance company in your corner is always the safest bet. In a world characterized by digital information, even your most valuable assets are at risk, including your home equity. Make the smart choice by investing in a company and product that will not just alert you on title-related crimes, but offer you a guaranteed line of defense against it.

Not to mention, as your house goes up in value, shouldn’t your insurance increase with it?

If you answered “yes”, contact Investment Title today Contact Investment Title to discuss our Enhanced Owner’s Policy.